72 – GO WEST

We didn’t want to believe it, but we were almost home. There was a frantic last-minute effort to prolong the trip just a little bit longer, so out came the maps of Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon. Oregon! Crater Lake! Then came the calculations—mileage, meeting deadlines, expense of doing such a daring deviation. On the spur of the moment we were all enthusiastic about it—it would be just a few days and only one more national park—but with dinner and some serious discussion we realized that we were pushing the envelope a little too far, and that Crater Lake should be reserved for a future adventure.

Instead we concentrated on the Idaho-Nevada route, deciding it would be one night in Winnemucca, then retracing our original route in reverse, following the emigrant trail west back through Nevada and the alkaline plateau.

Then, once home, came the inevitable aftermath of vacation—unloading the perishables and food, and the pets, and the clothing, and the laundry, and various etceteras, including my almost unused straw hat and my almost untouched crocheting.

Another night or so with Gayle and Steve, now without quite so much togetherness, and then Steve drove me back to California. And the two wonderful months had become wonderful memories.

It’s interesting how unfamiliar the familiar can become over such a relatively short time span—getting reacquainted with extended living space and the normal day-to-day routines. And then recalling the true spaciousness that surrounds us in nature, beyond our regular daily environment, and thinking about everything out there that still remains to be seen.

The really amazing thing is that after all that time in the confines of an RV we were still friends and talking to each other—and talking about the “next” trip we’d take together. I won’t hesitate the next time there’s an invitation to take an extended RV trip!

And what happens to this blog? It goes on, but in a different format. For example, in doing research on towns I’ve discovered lots of trivia about their origins, the origin of their names, and on and on. I’m taking a little time off, but there will be another blog a week from Friday. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading so far.

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