To summarize, we covered about 5,400 miles in the RV, plus miles of day trips and exploring in the Blazer and other vehicles, traveled through fifteen states, covered two-thirds of the United States west to east and back, and about a third of the northern states.

We crossed lots of state lines, the Continental Divide, and mountains and rivers and streams, and I saw plenty of places and things much, much, much older than I. But it seems I have the “distinction” of being the oldest in every group I participate in, and on that whole trip I still didn’t meet a person older than I. Like Diogenes, I’m still looking.

So with all that, did we have enough traveling? For a while, yes, but after a year of returning to ordinary lives we’re ready to take to the open road again. And it so happens that opportunities have presented themselves.

Gayle asked me if I could handle dry camping on very hot pavement,and my answer was “Yes, provided there’s a reason to do it.” She responded that there was a very good reason, but as usual she wouldn’t provide any further information. Finally a hint. “Get on the Internet and find out what events are taking place in New Mexico in October.” Well, that was a no-brainer, without the Internet—The Annual Balloon Festival in Albuquerque!

It turns out that that will be a preliminary trial run for a portion of the trip that’s brewing for next June. A fellow Rotarian asked Steve if he could plan an RV caravan, for those who would like to travel that way, to Atlanta, Georgia, for the Rotary International Convention next year, His eager response was, “Sure,” and he immediately turned preliminary planning of the project over to his navigator, Gayle. But she’s too busy with work, so who was the next one in line? An 89-year-old woman planning a cross-country RV caravan? Oh well, stranger things have happened.

As a result I’ m now inundated with maps and tour books for Nevada and Georgia and lots of places in between. And I know from experience that once the convention is over there will be other states to see, other places to visit.

Similarly, when Gayle first proposed the October trip she asked if I’d be available from October 1 to ????????? What happens after the Balloon Festival? Who knows?

I’ll be busy, but the blog will go on as planned, exploring information on towns and trivia in the U.S.

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